Employment Consultancy

Employment Consultancy

The employment consultancy department can deal with all the procedures and paperwork which your company requires, in accordance with the applicable legal regulations.

Procedures handled with the various public authorities and administrative bodies:

Regional Social Security Treasury

  • Company registration
  • Sole trader registration and deregistration
  • Special agreements
  • Registration of household employees
  • Registration and deregistration of payroll employees

Catalan Regional Employment Office

  • Job offers
  • Contract registration

National Social Security Institution

  • Processing of benefits for pensioners, widows/widowers, orphans...
  • Maternity and paternity leave
  • Sole trader sickness benefit

Employment accident insurance mutuals

  • Processing of medical incapacity of sole traders and employees
  • Notification of registration and termination of absence following professional accidents

Tax Office

  • Preparation and presentation of form 111 (Personal Income Tax), quarterly or monthly, and annual summary form 190
  • Tax withholding certificates
  • Declaration of family status for calculation of payroll withholding tax

Foreign citizen registration

  • Initial employment and residency permits
  • Application for EU citizen residency permit (NIE registration number)

Workplace risk prevention

Preparation and presentation of employment inspections

Salary Guarantee Fund

  • Preparation and presentation of claims to recover the percentage of employee severance pay

Our agency can also take care of:

  • Preparation of employment contracts and renewals
  • Processing of payrolls and Social Security contributions forms
  • Calculation and presentation of redundancies
  • Employment Tribunal cases
Employment Consultancy

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