Personalised service

Personalised service


The vehicles department handles the following services:

  • Remote electronic registration and transfers of: cars, vans, motorbikes, mopeds, lorries, coaches, agricultural vehicles, industrial vehicles, classic vehicles
  • Duplicate traffic permits and technical datasheets
  • Application for traffic reports
  • Temporary individual permits (green plates)
  • Temporary company permits (red plates)
  • Deregistrations: scrappage, temporary, EU transit and vehicle exports
  • Re-registration of deregistered vehicles
  • Vehicle imports and changes of residency
  • Re-licensing for ITV (Technical Vehicle Inspection) and traffic procedures
  • Vehicle approvals
  • Name changes
  • Administration and supervision of periodic inspections
  • Administration and granting of summary datasheet from ITV testing stations or industrial engineers
  • Legal approval of adaptations: modifications from public to private use and vice versa, rotating lights..
  • Granting of ADR (hazardous goods transportation) certificates
  • Granting of ATP (perishable goods transportation) certificates
  • Administration of cancellations and registrations of ownership reservation and leasing operations with the Companies Register
  • Administration and settlement of traffic fines
  • Processing of appeals: arguments, revision...


The transport department handles the following services:

  • Transport card registration:

- Goods: national public service transportation of goods (MDP and MDL); regional public service transportation of goods (MDL-A); supplementary private service transportation of goods (MPC).

- Passengers: public passenger transportation (VD); supplementary private passenger transportation (VPC); taxi (VT); public healthcare transportation (VS); private healthcare transportation (VSPC); vehicle rental with driver (VTC).

- Transport operator  (OT)

  • CAP training course administration
  • Certificates for the registration or transfer of goods or passenger vehicles.
  • Approval of goods and passenger transport cards.
  • Re-registration of non-approved authorisations.
  • Substitution of the vehicles covered by authorisations.
  • Deregistration of vehicle authorisations.
  • Transfer of authorisation ownership.
  • Vehicle immobilisation certificate.
  • Certificate of non-EU third-country drivers.
  • Granting of EU licences.
  • Goods transportation counterfoil books: CMR, CEMT and national control document ORDER FOM/283/2003
  • Processing, granting and renewal of digital cards: drivers, companies and calibration workshops.
  • Processing and renewal of CAP training card.
  • Tachograph exemptions.
  • Authorisations for special transportation: vehicles which because of their technical characteristics or the non-divisible load they transport are in excess of the maximum permitted weight and maximum dimensions laid down in the General Vehicle Regulation.
  • Administration and settlement of transportation fines
  • Processing of appeals


The agricultural department handles the following services:

  • Registrations
  • Transfers
  • Deregistrations
  • Duplicates


The industry department handles the following services:

  • Legal approval of industrial operators
  • Mechanical workshops
  • Construction companies
  • Professional ID cards
  • REA (accredited company register)


The driver department handles the following services:

  • Administration and notification of driving licence renewal: A1, A, B, C1, C, D1, D, E
  • Driving permit and licence duplicates
  • Application for prior traffic department appointment for filing of exchange procedures
  • Exchanges of driving licences: from EU and third countries with which an agreement has been signed.
  • Administration of international licences

Annotation in the traffic department records of the change of address on driving licences

Personalised service

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